What Is Credit Card Bonus?

Credit card companies make money by having as many users as possible. They offer special deals to entice the potential new members, the very same way that car dealerships offer gift cards if you test drive their new models. The most common form of such bonus (call it gift if you want) take place in cash, airline miles, hotel points, or points within their rewards programs.

Most card issuers out there employ very similar customer acquisition strategy. Many of us can recall the days as college students collecting T-shirts, cups, pens, or caps for applying for the cards. The ball doesn’t really stop there; people with established credit history get much bigger bonuses. So think of the credit card bonuses here as the grown-up version of the t-shirt and mug collection runs during college days.

All bonuses must satisfy the following:

  • At least $100 in value
  • Relatively easy to get

If you see an offer we may otherwise have overlooked, please feel free to let us know and we will include it.

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